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How to treat ceiling water stains

Posted on 27-08-2019 , by: Recommended Decorators , in , 0 Comments

How to treat ceiling water stains

A large amount of properties are subject to leaks over the years with radiators and heated towel rails being some of the most common culprits. When this happens on an upper level, depending on its severity can lead to water seeping through the ceiling below, which causes water stains. These stains are impossible to cover up with normal water based emulsion.

The best solution is to use a pigmented stain blocker. There are several brands on the market that will do the trick. If your ceiling stain is more severe with mould then it’s best to call a professional painting and decorating company like Recommended Decorators to evaluate the problem.

If the problem is left then you may need a new ceiling, so it’s best to deal with this issue as soon as you see a stain coming through!