Wallpaper Stripping

Posted on 01-08-2019 , by: Recommended Decorators , in , 0 Comments

Stripping wallpaper certainly isn’t a fun job and isn’t the only step before you hang your new paper. Once the wallpaper is fully stripped off your walls and vitally important your walls are prepared for the new wallpaper. For a perfect wallpaper hanging outcome your walls need to be smooth.

This may require a light skim coat of plaster or various levels of sanding to iron out any imperfections. Once your wall is fully prepared for wallpapering, this is when the clean up operation starts making sure no dust or dirt is either on the wall or surrounding areas. There’s nothing worse than dust or dirt particles sticking to the wallpaper once on the wall leaving a bobbly finish.

Once the wall is dry wall papering can begin.